Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Notice of Lot Subdivision

On August 5, 2016, the Community Development Department of the city of Dunwoody will decide whether or not this lot which has fronts on both Lakesprings Drive and Tilly Mill Road can be subdivided into five buildable lots. The property tax address for this lot is:

5464 Tilly Mill Rd Dunwoody GA (vacant land)

5490 Tilly Mill Rd Dunwoody GA (existing house)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Options for Sign Inserts

 The vast majority of the Sign Committee members prefer light color letters on a dark background, as pictured above.  Do you have a preference for the sign material?  There are two basic material options:
(1) Sandblasted high density urethane foam with latex paint.

(2) Metal letters with an anodized finish mounted on an aluminum/acrylic panel.

See the examples below.

The two above signs are examples of signs made from sandblasted high density urethane foam and painted with latex paint.

 The Wellesley Place (north side of Mt. Vernon and Tilly Mill intersection) sign letters are fabricated out of 1/4" brushed aluminum with a Gold Anodized finish.  Additional letter colors are available and can be seen here.  The back panel is a product called DiaBond and is an acrylic that is laminated with an aluminum face, and can not be painted.

New Brick Monument

Our new monument features Jenkins Woodbury brick with Buff mortar.  The contractor was David Ostlund of Auburn, Georgia, which is northeast of Lawrenceville.  David specializes in brick and stone masonry, and he can be reached at

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Crows

Is it all of Dunwoody,
Or just Meadowlake?
That the garbage is put out,
And left for the crows to take.

These very big birds,
Are increasing in number.
the sounds of their "Caws",
Will awaken your slumber.

Not an issue now,
But in a few years.
You'll be holding your noses,
And covering your ears.

Please keep your spoils
Bagged and covered.
Or soon by crows,
We will all be smothered.
© Copyright 2012 Richard Luftig

Monday, December 19, 2011

Other Neighborhood Monuments

What style of monument would you like to see at the entrance to Meadowlake at Dunwoody?  Take a look at the following pictures of some other neighborhood monuments.  Thanks to Carolina Cruxent for many of the photos.
Dunwoody Station

 Buckline Crossing

 Renfroe Lake


 Chestnut Ridge


 Dunwoody Close

 Eidson Hall

 North Wellington

 Shadow Glen

Village Mill

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to Meadowlake at Dunwoody Homeowners Association

The purpose of this blog is to facilitate communication with residents of the Meadowlake at Dunwoody subdivision.  Our subdivision includes homes on both sides of Lakesprings Circle, Court, Drive and Way, and on Tilly Mill from Lakesprings Way to the Hood residence.  Membership in the homeowners association is voluntary.  The original subdivision covenants have expired.

The association has been hibernating for the past several years, but with the recent destruction of our subdivision entrance monument and sign, it is time to awaken the neighborhood.  Our first task is to assemble a new board of directors for the association, and then establish a committee to oversee the selection and construction of a new monument and sign.  The following people have volunteered to serve as board and/or committee members: Bonnie Farrar, Todd Buechter, Gene Lawson, Bob Bick, John Buchholz, Carolina Cruxent, Mary Shanks and Mark Gardner.  If you want to serve in some capacity, please send an email to

Major debris removal, all 8,600 pounds of it, was performed by Ketner Contracting.  Cassidy Lawn Service worked to remove the small debris.  Additional landscaping work needs to be done after construction of a new monument.

We have some money from an insurance settlement to build a new monument, albeit at a slightly different location.  The city of Dunwoody requires signs over three feet in height to be set back fifteen feet from the curb.  Our old sign was six feet high and only eight feet from Tilly Mill Road.  A resident of "The Other Meadowlake", Mike Martin, would like to see his neighborhood build new signs on Mt. Vernon Road at Meadowlake Drive.  The first picture below represents Mike's idea for a proper monument.  The other two signs are for humorous consideration.  The middle sign would be nice to have at certain times.

Posted by Mark Gardner